assembled by Ray Keating
July 21, 2018

Here are a few items worth reading and exploring over the weekend covering Woody and Buzz offering leadership lessons; a review of Disney’s Pop Century resort; Disney and Star Wars fans; the Disney stock price; and Black Panther and the Oscars.

What Toy Story Can Teach Us About Leadership and Teamwork
from the Disney Institute Blog

Woody, Buzz and the Toy Story gang offer some insights on leadership, teamwork and more.

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A Comprehensive Review of Disney’s Pop Century Resort
from the Blog

Here’s a full rundown on why it pays to stay at Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

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Disney Does Right by Star Wars Fans: The Return of Clone Wars

Disney announced that Star Wars: The Clone Wars will return for a dozen episodes on the company’s new streaming service, Disney Direct.

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A Bullish Take on Disney’s Stock
from CNBC

Disney’s stock has been moving up, and many think that will continue.

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And the Oscar Goes to … Black Panther?

Does Black Panther need the Oscars, or do the Academy Awards need Black Panther?

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