by Ray Keating
September 17, 2018

So, with my phone in hand, I stopped next to the bar to take a photo of a picture hanging on the wall. I looked at the bartender, and said, “Hey, I need a photo of the founder.”

He smiled and replied, “Sure, go ahead.” He also remarked, “Most people don’t know who that is. They see the Yankees hat, and think that Jock Lindsey actually played for the Yankees.”

I laughed, but at the same time, as a big Indiana Jones fan, it made me a bit sad.

Jock Lindsey, of course, was Indy’s pilot at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. While Indy is being chased through the jungle with poisonous darts shooting past him, Jock is fishing off his little seaplane. As Jones yells to start the plane, Jock reluctantly drops the fishing poll, but shortly Indy, Jock, and his pet snake, Reggie, are lifting off to safety.

As with so much in Walt Disney World, Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar in Disney Springs serves up a story. It turns out that Jock competed in flying contests, assembled a notable collection of trophies, and wound up settling down in Disney Spring, giving seaplane tours of the Sunshine State.

For those looking for a drink and perhaps a small bite to eat, the Hangar Bar offers a limited, but interesting menu. We had the Incan Tuna Tacos, which were a nice blend of perfectly done tuna and lively spices. For good measure, the Sankara Stones and Barrels are a delightful mix of cheese curds and potato barrels. I heartily recommend each.

Meanwhile, the drink menu offers some fun options. The Cool-headed Monkey has a delicious tropical flair, while you can also take home the fun cup. Reggie’s Revenge also refreshes and relaxes.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is a cozy place that offers the right mix of 1940s atmosphere, bar food, drinks and story to make for an enjoyable stop for some conversation and rest.

Ray Keating is the editor, publisher and economist for, and author of the Pastor Stephen Grant novels, with the two latest books being Reagan Country: A Pastor Stephen Grant Noveland Heroes and Villains: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story. He can be contacted at