assembled by Ray Keating
September 30, 2018

Here are a few items worth exploring over the weekend covering Kathleen Kennedy’s extension at Lucasfilm; Disney spending to stop gambling in Florida; new ships and destinations for Disney Cruise Lines; and celebrating Mickey’s 90thbirthday.

Star Wars News: Kathleen Kennedy’s Contract Extended

The Hollywood Reporternoted that Disney has renewed Kathleen Kennedy’s contract as Lucasfilm president for three years. Depending on who you talk to, that’s either good news or bad news.
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Disney Supports Florida Ballot Amendment to Limit Gambling

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Disney has spent significantly in support of Amendment 3 on the Florida November 6 ballot, which would make it more difficult to expand gambling in the state.
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Disney Cruising Out of New Orleans and to Hawaii

Disney Cruise Line serves up new ships and new places to sail from and to in this video.
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ABC and Disney to Celebrate Mickey’s 90thBirthday

ABC will air a big, two-hour celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90thbirthday on November 4th.
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