assembled by Ray Keating
August 10-11, 2018

Here are a few items worth watching, reading, listening to and exploring over the weekend covering a nerd debate ranking of Marvel movies; push to bring back Guardians’ Gunn; max that Disney World vacation; Kim Possible news; and is Brazil coming to Epcot?

Nerd Debate! Ranking the Marvel Movies
First, we have a recent ranking of Marvel movies published by Entertainment Weekly.
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Second, we have Part I of a debate/discussion on the WDW Radio Podcast with Lou Mongello ranking the best films leading up to Avengers: Infinity War. Disney Biz Journal’s Ray Keating is part of the discussion.
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Third is Part II of the WDW Radio Podcast discussion/ranking of the Marvel movies.
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Push to Get Disney to Bring Gunn Back
Reports are circulating that Marvel is trying to get Disney to bring back James Gunn to direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3.
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Maximizing the Value of a Disney World Vacation
USA Today story serves up ideas for making the most of a Disney World vacation.
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Voice of Original Kim Possible Set for Live Action Appearance
The actress who voiced the original Kim Possible in the animated series will appear in the forthcoming live action version on the Disney Channel.
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Brazil Coming to Epcot?
Rumors continue – and might be solidifying – that a Brazil pavilion is coming to Epcot World Showcase.
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