assembled by Ray Keating
August 17-19, 2018

Here are a few items worth watching, reading, listening to and/or exploring over the weekend covering a must-do list of rides at Disney World; tasty Magic Kingdom snacks; a list of everything(!) coming to new Disney streaming service; and Star Wars as a long-term investment.

16 Best Disney World Rides

Here’s a new list from a writer at offering a rundown on the must-rides at Disney World. How does this list compare to yours?

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Spooky Snacks at Disney World

Here’s a tasty rundown from the Disney Food Blog on assorted Halloween treats at the Magic Kingdom, including some Mickey Halloween Party exclusives. Yes, I’m hungry.

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Everything(!) Coming to the New Disney Streaming Service

IGN has provided an extensive list of new and existing movies and TV shows coming to the new Disney streaming service. The list is impressive, and darn lengthy.

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Star Wars as a Disney Long-Term Investment

The Motley Fool provides a quick and solid analysis of why Star Wars will be a wise long-term investment for Disney.

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