assembled by Ray Keating
October 13-14, 2018

Here are a few items worth exploring over the weekend covering AT&T’s Warner Brothers entering the streaming service battle; Disney terminates luxury hotel; Fox ready to close Disney deal; and top Disney toys for the holidays.

AT&T’s Warner Brothers Streaming Service to take on Netflix and Disney

Yes, as noted by the Motley Fool, another company with a rich content library plans to enter the streaming service late next year.
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Disney Luxury Hotel Goes from Limbo to Termination

As KABC reported, Disney’s planned luxury hotel in Anaheim had been put on hold a few months ago, and now Disney has pulled the plug on the project.
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Fox Ready to Close Disney Deal on January 1

Variety reported that Fox will be ready to close the Disney deal at the start of the New Year.
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Top Disney Toys for the Christmas Holiday

USA Today provides a rundown on Disney toys for the coming holiday shopping season.
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