assembled by Ray Keating
September 9, 2018

Here are a few items worth exploring over the weekend covering Netflix hiring Disney consumer sales executive; Obama booted for smoking in Disneyland; assessing Disney’s summer movie strategy; and FX CEO on Disney and streaming.

Netflix Taps Disney Exec for Merch Sales

In a sense, Netflix is copying Disney in producing its own content. And now Netflix has hired, as noted by The Motley Fool, a top Disney executive to monetize this growing IP.
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No Smoking in Disneyland – That Means You, Barack Obama

President Barack Obama once got kicked out of Disneyland in his younger days for smoking.
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One Take on Disney’s Summer at the Movie Theater

A Forbes columnist serves up an interesting take on Disney’s summer movie strategy. Read more…

FX Cable Head on Disney and Streaming Service

As reported by Variety, FX CEO offers some thoughts on becoming part of Disney and what’s ahead in terms of streaming competition.
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